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Mwangi – Longest serving staff at Bookstop.

List valuable lessons learned about customer service while working at Bookstop?
- Understanding customers: what they need and want.
- Product knowledge: serving customers with the information they are looking for.
- Being a good listener.
- Keeping up with times: being innovative (creating websites, delivery books etc.)

Describe a typical day at work and how you assist customers to choose what they want?
I regard a bookshop as a learning institution: I learn new things every day. There is no dull moment i.e., Different buying habits. Product knowledge and good listening skills helps me a lot recommending books for all customers.

What is your experience at Bookstop and insights of different age groups’ reading habits?
-All age groups (kids, teens, and grownups) are all well represented.
-However, kids and teens are our major consumers (they read more).

update Oct 07, 2020

Tête-à-tête with Ciku - Longest-serving Beauty Therapist at Aristocuts.

Ciku has worked in the beauty industry for over 20 years. She explains that learning the trade of a beauty therapist really does give you a ‘skill for life’ that can be relied upon to make money.

Ciku is the long-time Assistant Manager of @AristocutsBeautySalon, one of the most prestige and in-demand salons at @YayaCentreNairobi. If you need some beauty inspiration, Aristocuts Beauty Salon has a lust-worthy Instagram account which showcases their amazing work. Check out their account on IG: @aristocuts_beauty_

What does your day-to-day look like?
As assistant manager of the salon and a beautician myself, my day is varied. I coordinate appointments and bookings, arrange the duty roster, make sure that our beauty therapists are on time and well-presented and that the entire salon is clean and sanitised first thing and then hourly after that. I manage cash-flow, payments, banking, do stock taking, place orders for new products, handle payments and remind customers to use their Yaya loyalty card to help them collect points.

Describe how you worked your way up the ladder.
I started out as a receptionist’s assistant and then became interested in the beauty world when I saw the transformation clients go through every time they visit the salon. I also admired the artwork done on the nails and realised the pay was attractive, so joined Ashley’s School of Hairdressing and Beauty for my training.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
The moment I enjoy most is when customers come smiling to the reception desk after a treatment, showing they are happy and satisfied. Any compliments they give really uplifts me and makes my work feel worthwhile.

And the least?
Probably when a member of staff is not on time, though this rarely happens due to our efficient appointment booking system.

What are the common misconceptions about the work you do?
Most people do not consider ‘Beauty Therapist’ as a profession, they assume it is a low paying job but in fact it can be great career choice for many people.

What are the main skills you need to work as a Beauty Therapist?
Good customer service is the most important skill, in my opinion. As well as the ability to analyse different skin types and recommend the right treatment and products for clients, keeping any medical needs of theirs in mind.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to break into this career?
It is a fun and a great career which pays well, so I would definitely recommend it. You grow with experience and, in time, you can branch into working as a consultant or set up your own business.

*Book your hair or beauty appointment today at @aristocutsbeautysalon, Yaya 2nd floor.

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